Packet Capture

You can use packet capture on the network diagram of GNS3 project. Packet capture allows you to see the format and behavioral flow of various protocols in detail. This page explains the procedure of packet capture on GNS3.

Packet Capture Procedure

Start Capture

Right-click the link you want to capture a packet on the workspace and click [Start capture].

In the [Packet capture] window, click [OK] to start capturing. If you check [Start the capture visualization program], Wireshark will start automatically and you will be able to see the capture in real time.

If you have chosen not to auto-start Wireshark, you can start Wireshark by right-clicking the link and selecting [Start Wireshark].

Stop Capture

Right-click on the link you are capturing on the workspace and stop the capture with [Stop capture].

If you stop capturing on GNS3, it will also stop on Wireshark.

Save the capture

If you need to save the captures, please save them in Wireshark, you can save the captured data in Wireshark by going to [File] > [Save] and specifying the file name.