IP Routing Basic

The ability to communicate from your PC or smartphone to a distant server, such as on the Internet, is possible because of proper routing. Routing is one of the most important aspects of network technology.

It is important to have a firm grasp of the routing mechanism, which is how data is transferred to a distant server.

Router - The central device that performs routing

A router is a network device that interconnects networks and transfers data between networks.
This section provides an overview of network interconnection and data transfer with routers.

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Dividing Network with router


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Layer3 Switch Overview

A Layer 3 switch is a network device that incorporates the functions of a router into a Layer 2 switch. In many cases, Layer 3 switches are used to interconnect networks in the same way as routers.
This section provides an overview of Layer 3 switches.

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Measuring the distance to the destination network -Administrative Distance and Metric

Only the best route to the destination network is registered in the routing table. To do so, we use a combination of administrative distance and metric to measure the distance to the destination network.

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Equal Cost Multi Path Load Balancing

When there is more than one route information that can be considered as the best, routing load balancing can be performed. . The case of multiple best routes is when there is more than one route information that minimizes the metric. This type of routing load balancing is called equal-cost multi path load balancing.

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Cisco Static Route Configuration

This section explains how to configure static routes on Cisco routers.
The command itself is very simple. The important thing is to identify the network that should be registered as a static route before configuring it.

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Example of Cisco Static Route Configuration Step by Step

This is an example of configuring a static route on a Cisco router. In a simple network diagram, we will configure the static routes that are required to communicate, step by step.

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