How to use GNS3

GNS3 is a free software that can emulate various devices including Cisco routers, etc. With GNS3, you can virtually configure and verify the operation of various systems on a PC. It’s also very useful for studying CCNA/CCNP/CCIE etc.

Primarily discusses emulating Cisco routers on GNS3.

Installation of GNS3 (Windows10)

This page explains how to install GNS3 on Windows 10.

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How to download IOS of the real router to PC

The IOS of the actual device is necessary to emulate the Cisco router with GNS3.
This section explains how to download the IOS image file for an actual router.

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Creating IOS Router Template

To create a network diagram for the GNS3 project, we first create a router template.
This section explains the steps for creating an IOS router template.

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Creating GNS3 project

Create a GNS3 project and perform various verifications with GNS3.
This page explains how to create a GNS3 project in detail.

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Link to Host OS

You can connect a network device such as a router placed on the GNS3 project to the host OS where GNS3 is installed.

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Example of linking to the host OS

Connect the GNS3 Cisco router to the author's home network and allow it to access the Internet.

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VPCS Configuration and Operation

Using VPCS as a host in a GNS project can reduce the load.
This section explains how to configure VPCS and operations such as ping and traceroute.

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Managing Snapshots

Snapshots of a GNS3 project allow you to save the network diagram and configuration of each device at a specific point in time.
These snapshots give you the flexibility to manage changes to your network configuration and settings.

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Packet Capture

You can use packet capture on the network diagram of GNS3 project. Packet capture allows you to see the format and behavioral flow of various protocols in detail. This page explains the procedure of packet capture on GNS3.

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Edit startup-config directly

You can also edit the startup-config of a device in the GNS3 project directly. This is handy if you want to make a small configuration change and you don't have to boot up the device and enter a command from the CLI.

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How to change the Solar-PuTTY font and background color

What is Solar-PuTTY?GNS3 uses Solar-PuTTY as the default terminal software, a tabbed ...

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