IOU (IOS On Unix) can be run on GNS3 VM and used in GNS3 projects. Note that it is assumed that you have the IOU image file. And based on the following environment

Host OSWindows10 Pro
GNS3 version2.2.33.1
GNS3 VM version2.2.33.1
Virtualization HypervisorVMware Workstation 16.6.2

Procedures for using IOUs

The procedure for using IOUs in GNS3 is as follows

Step1: Creation of IOU template
Create a template for an the IOU device; you must also register for a license in order to use IOUs.
Step2: Place in a project for use
Place the created IOU device template in the project workspace.

Creation of IOU template

Create a template for IOU devices: open [Edit]->[Preferences] in the GNS3 menu. Select [IOU Devices] and click [New].

Leave [Server type] as the default [Run this IOU device on the GNS3 VM] and click [Next] to proceed. Input the template name and select the type of IOU device to be created (L2 or L3). Then specify the IOU image file. Click [Finish] to confirm the created template.

In order to use the devices in the IOU template you have created, you must register the IOU license file with GNS3. IOU license file creation works on the GNS3 VM. Select “Shell” from the GNS3 VM menu and click “OK” to enter the shell.

Download the Python script “CiscoIOUKeygen3f.py” which generates IOU license information.

wget http://www.ipvanquish.com/download/CiscoIOUKeygen3f.py

Then, run the downloaded Python script.

python3 CiscoIOUKeygen3f.py

A license information file “iourc.txt” will then be created. The contents of “iourc.txt” are displayed.

To register the contents of “iourc.txt” on GNS3, select [Edit] -> [Preferences] -> [IOS on UNIX] from the GNS3 menu. Copy and paste the contents of “iourc.txt” into [IOU licence(iourc file)] and complete the process.

Place in a project for use

Once the IOU device template is created, it can then be placed in the project workspace for use.